Morning Everyone...

Lets play some soccer!!! Cole, Sam and myself are so excited to get going...we rented the Stillwater Indoor facility. SO...we will have our first practice this Friday, 4-5-30pm and Stillwater. Please have your son there with all his soccer gear, including some water. Cole and Sam are working on a light, fun, "get back into the swing of things" workout for Friday. They boys will have lots of fun.
Few words about Sam..Some of you guys know Sam, some dont. Sam is a fantastic young man from England. He is here playing soccer at FLC. He has helped us in the past and worked individually with some of the boys in the past. His soccer schedule is pretty hectic in the Fall, but in the Spring, he has some more time to help us. Cole and I are stoked about this. Sam is fantastic and we are very lucky to have him as an additional coach the Spring.
Give or take another snow storm, hopefully we will resume our normal practice schedule next week. Escalante Field, Tuesday and Thursday - 4:30-6:00. I am hoping to have you guys a complete game schedule this weekend.
See you guys Friday!