DYSA Scholarship Application

Submitted by administrator on Mon, 07/30/2012 - 12:59pm

Applications are due August 1. The application will be reviewed by the Board of Directors at the August meeting.  A DYSA administrator will contact you with the Board’s decision shortly after that meeting. Applications submitted after August 1 will be considered on a funds available basis.  

To apply for scholarship:  

If you have not done so, click HERE to register your player with DYSA and choose "pay by check" in payment method.

Fill out the below online scholarship request form.  The DYSA Board of Directors will be voting on all scholarship approvals at the August Board Meeting so please have your request submitted before  August 1.   If you have a balance left over after the scholarship is applied, you can change the payment method to credit card installment plan if desired or call DYSA Admin Kathy Wilson (970-247-1177) to work out an alternate payment plan.  

The maximum scholarships available are listed below.
PLEASE NOTE:  ALL  scholarship recipients must pay A MINIMUM BALANCE OF $50 toward registration fees (this covers $10 admin/insurance cost and $40 refundable volunteer deposit).  The $40 volunteer deposit is refunded once you volunteer at a DYSA (qualified) event.    Team fund raisers and community service events do not qualify for refunds.  

MAXIMUM REGISTRATION SCHOLARSHIPS ($25 less if early bird discount is applied):
U09-10:   $270  (recipient owes $50 balance to equal $320 fee)
U11-12:   $270  (recipient owes $50 balance to equal $320 fee)
U13-14:   $320  (recipient owes $50 balance to equal $370 fee)
U15-18:   $295  (recipient owes $50 balance to equal $345 fee)

U09-12:  $100 Fall Season and $100 Spring Season
U13-18:  $150 Fall Season and $150 Spring Season

Team fee scholarships are always partial scholarships.  Recipients are responsible to pay all team fees in excess of the scholarship per season to their team manager.   No scholarships are offered for player or family travel to tournaments.   Additional team fee scholarships will only be considered under extreme circumstances.    

This year, all scholarships will be considered at the August  board meeting and approved based on need.   We have a limited amount of scholarship funds available and the funds will be dispersed based on individual player need so please fill out the application fully explaining your situation.   We will try to fulfill all requests to families whose situation warrants a scholarship but some scholarships may be partial;  some may be full.    

If you still have financial needs after the scholarships are awarded, please contact Kathy Wilson and she help with payment plans or other arrangements.   Your team manager will also work with you on payment plans.  Just give Kathy Wilson a call about your individual situation.

Thank you,

Kathy Wilson
970-946-9824 . Cell
970-247-1177 . Office
dysa [at] durangosoccer [dot] com