Shifting Gears a bit.

So just a quick note to let you guys know that we have started to work on some new tactics. For the last few weeks, we have really concentrated on speed. Speed in the open field, speed making decisions and the whole team moving together at a much faster pace. It is obvious to me that the boys have really have got this down. We also have been working on long range shooting. We are going to continue to work on that. I want the boys comfortable shooting the ball. In addition to shooting, I will be trying to drill into the boys our priorities on the field.

Priorities on the field...Scoring goals our #1 priority. Over the last few weeks, United has really started to move about the field very confidently. With this movement we have seen some amazing passes and phenomenal ball handling. One thing I noticed though, we have passed up on some shooting opportunities. We are sometimes looking for the amazing pass or holding the ball one too many touches when we should be looking to put the ball in the back of the net. Our number one priority is shooting. I think this change will happen with some shooting drills. We just need a little more confidence shooting. When we get as comfortable shooting as we are passing and dribbling, those extra touches and passes when we should be shooting, will go away. Great passes and confidence with the ball will put us in a position to shoot and score. We just need to work on when we take that shot versus when we pass/dribble the ball.

Our focus these next 3 practicies will be "Priorities on the field". We will be using lots of drills that replicate the game, with me stopping play when we have a coaching moment to show/talk about options. We will also start each practice with the boys favorite shooting game.