Coach's email week #6

Holy cow these U9 United boys can play! So exciting to watch them on the field. They are quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with. As a coach, there are many things I am proud of. As a dad and friend, I am most proud of how these boys are starting to take care one another on and off the field.

We had a great week of practice. Our focus has been speed. Speed dribbling, finishing and making decisions. Saturday’s game was evidence to me that we have gained some speed. They were incredibly fast tracking to the ball on defense and opposing teams better look out if any of these boys get in the open field. Their confidence dribbling at speed has really improved.

Going forward this week, my plan is to open up the field a bit. I will be pushing the boys to not be afraid to “pull the trigger”. I would like to see some shots from the outside. Harry and Elliot do a great job of this already. Elliot had a nice goal from the corner that happened to be caught on video. I would like to build on the confidence we have dribbling and add some long range shooting into the mix. We know these boys are comfortable dribbling right to the goal. Let’s get them that comfortable with some long range shooting!

This Thursday we will be practicing at the indoor facility. We will have a Copa style tourney and celebrate Austin’s birthday. If you need directions, please contact myself or Jynn. This weekend is the Copa del Sol tournament. Timing is perfect for us to improve our long range shooting.  Copa tourney will play right into our plans to shoot from the outside. This is a 4v4 no goalie tournament. Fast paced and lots of shooting. Going to be so much fun!!!

In closing, thanks to everyone for supporting our team. Looking forward to practice today. Go to and check out U9 United page.