Coach's Email Week #2

Coach’s Email Week #2

Hello to everyone and I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend. Week two is in the books. First DYSA games are right around the corner.  Also, thanks to everyone for wearing practice shirts. It was much easier to scrimmage and drill using the scrimmage jerseys (pennies).  Not only were we playing like a team, we were looking like one too.

Week two, we continued to try and get ball touches. We also began to focus on creating space and learning how to defend during different scenarios. Learning to  create space, we had the boys set up on different grids trying to dribble thru 2 defenders, 1 at a time. We later played some games with one attacker and multiple defenders, teaching the boys how to best help one another defensively. We were faced with some challenges Tuesday and we learned from them. It is my personal mission to teach these kids soccer in a fun and simple manner. Always remembering that the game is the best teacher.

Our teams are really bonding and getting into a practice groove. It was awesome to see some new friendships forming on the field. I was also very encouraged by Thursday’s practice. Everyone really stepped up. The communication on the field, could not be any better. Evan and Chase both received awards for outstanding sportsmanship at practice.

This week… We will continue drilling in hopes that our boys get lots of ball touches. I would also like to expand our drills geared towards creating space. In addition, you will see drills and hear me talking a lot about “improving your position on the field.” The boys are becoming field aware and it is time for them to always be thinking a step or two into the future. We will begin drilling this with some simple give and goes. As we progress, we will give the kids options and start to see them take advantage of what is presented to them on the field. Given that we play our first games this week, instead of a 10-15 minute scrimmage. We will have a 15-20 minute scrimmage to end each practice.

Our practices are very active. The boys do move quite a bit. I hope that everyone has time after school to drink some water and eat some food. In closing, I can’t wait to see them take the field Saturday for their first DYSA games. I hope the boys are as excited as I am.

See you Tuesday…

John LeSage
970-769-9031 970-365-6241

p.s. Jynn will get you the schedule as soon as we have it. Goto and check out our teams. Feel free to post any information or pictures.